Over 70.000 metres of colours and perfumes
The rbplant Company Ltd is a consortium born in 1994 from the association of some gardening and nursery companies owned by members of the same family group. Each individual company has already operated in this sector for decades, dealing both with production and retailing of their own products.

The Consortium

The idea of merging into a consortium was born out of the growing needs of the market which requested an ever wider specialization and at the same time an offer diversification; the consortium has therefore followed a politic of optimisation of the quality-price relation.


The consortium companies have specialized into the cultivation of certain items, paying particular attention to the qualitative aspect.


It follows that the consortium, in order to offer its customers a wider selection of products and an efficient delivery service, it avails itself of the collaboration of different nursery and gardening companies with expertise in this sector and of a diversified delivery system carried out with their own means of transport and the support of international couriers.


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